How Video Courses Can Dramatically Increase Your Sales

Written by
Lizzie Davey
Aug 30, 2016

We spoke last week about how video courses can help nurture your leads and create a connection with your audience – the ultimate goal in today’s age of authenticity and trust building.

But the next step? That’s turning those nurtured leads into buyers. A.K.A. sales.

This is the next logical touch point in the sales funnel as you start narrowing down your audience to people who are seriously interested in what you have to offer – or, better known as, qualified leads.

Today, we’re going to look at how you can implement video courses to encourage more sales.

First of all, you might be thinking that this is a strategy best kept for digital marketing companies and those who actually have stats and tutorials to show on their subject of choice, right?


In actual fact, video is one of the very few strategies that works well to convert sales regardless of what niche you’re working in.

What’s more, tonnes of research has been done on video and the results are pretty much conclusive: video increases conversion rate. People are as much as 65-85% more likely to make a purchase after having watched a video and having that ‘personal’ insight into a brand and product.

Okay, but video is a huge strategy to take on. It encompasses all sorts of different techniques, like testimonial videos, product videos, creative marketing videos, and everything in between. So today we’re going to solely dig into the success of video courses and their role in drastically converting sales.

So why do video courses convert sales?

  • They offer customer support

A lot of people are hesitant to make purchases over the internet because of the seeming anonymity of brands. What if they never receive their product? What if they’ve been duped into buying something that isn’t what it says it is?

So many questions, so little time.

But with video courses, you can tackle the questions potential customers might have by showing them who your business is and what exactly it is you’re selling – kind of like a customer support system.

We’ll go into more detail below about how you can implement this successfully in your sales funnel.

  • You can touch on point-of-need learning

There’s a moment right before someone buys where they think, “what am I doing? I don’t need this.” I’m betting you’ve abandoned your cart once or twice before clicking that all-inviting “buy” button, right?

The thing is, that is the exact moment you want to be tapping into your potential customer’s needs. You want to be showing them why they need to click they buy button; how purchasing your product will solve that problem that’s been niggling away at them for so long.

So let’s take a look at how you can tap into these important points for converting sales with video courses.

How to Use Video Courses to Boost Sales Conversions

1. Deliver Point-of-Need Learning

I just spoke about why this boosts conversions – because you answer your potential customer’s questions at exactly the right moment – but here’s what that looks like in action.

So, in the buying process, there are five distinct stages:

  1. Awareness of a need
  2. Product research
  3. Investigation of solutions
  4. Comparison of alternatives
  5. Decision-making time

This is just a crude outline. Some people go through a couple of these stages four or five times before they come to a decision, while others might even skip a stage or two along the way.

With video courses, you can address each of these points with a specific lesson, providing potential customers with the answers they need to move from one stage to the next.

For example, you might offer a brief tutorial of your product to tackle the comparison of alternatives stage.

2. Answer FAQs through video

There are a number of reasons people don’t buy as soon as they come across a product that fits their needs. Maybe they’re hesitant over the cost; maybe they just don’t know if it’ll work for them.

To counteract all of these questions and what-ifs, you can use videos to tackle some of the biggest questions your potential customers have.

  • Step 1. Conduct research. Find out what questions your target audience have about similar products by checking out dedicated forums or reviews online.
  • Step 2. Collect any questions potential customers send you via email and add them to a spreadsheet.
  • Step 3. Put together a video that answers these pressing questions.

By having a real-life person demonstrate that they firstly understand the questions they have and then addressing them in a personal way, potential customers are much more likely to forge a connection with your brand and, ultimately, purchase.

3. Include a Video Course With Your Sale

Do you have a product or service that might need a little explaining? If so, you might consider adding in a video course along with the sale that shows customers how they can use your product.

You can start by introducing the product, then going on to share its benefits and tutorials for how to use it or implement it.

This adds an extra layer off confidence to the sale, and again shows potential customers that you understand their questions and have actively created something to ease their woes.

4. Include a Lesson on the Landing Page

I bet you didn’t know that having video on a landing page can boost conversions by up to 80%.

That’s a staggering number, right?

So by simply adding a short person-to-camera spiel or a quick tutorial of your product from the inside, you’re increasing your chances of a conversion by almost 100%. Not a stat to be ignored.

But what kind of lesson can you use?

Your video doesn’t have to be anything complicated. A simple FAQ video like we talked about earlier could work, or a short tutorial that shows the behind-the-scenes of your product or service that gives potential customers the confidence to click that buy button.

Video is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to boosting sales. Not only does it build trust with potential customers, but it gives them the confidence to click that buy button.

If you’re ready to implement video courses to drastically boost your sales conversions, let Mapout help you.

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