7 Ways Mobile Learning Can Drastically Boost Team Morale

Written by
Lizzie Davey
May 18, 2016

Boosting team morale can do wonders for your business. When your employees are happy, they are more motivated to work towards company goals, they work better collaboratively, and they generally take a more positive stance on their work.

High morale in employees is regularly linked to high job performance, which in turn leads to more satisfied customers and an increase in sales and targets met. When your team is productive, happy, and has high satisfaction levels, you’ll be able to see the positive impact on their work.

So how can you boost team morale in the first place? It’s not an easy task ensuring your entire workforce is happy and content in their jobs, but mobile learning can be a great way to reach everyone, regardless of their position.

How Can Mobile Learning Boost Team Morale?

1. It gives clear results and outcomes

To measure success, you need to be able to see results. From there you can figure out what tweaks to make to your employees’ work life to create a more productive environment.

Because, at the end of the day, confident, happy employees do their jobs better.

Mobile learning can help you see where your employees need help as well as the areas that they’re excelling in. It provides you, as an employer, with solid results you can measure. Finding out where your employees are struggling is the first step in boosting their productivity and morale, and from there you can implement strategies and further trainings that tackle these issues.

Providing solutions to tricky areas through mobile learning will help your team grow in confidence.

How to get clear results from mobile learning: Implement quizzes and mini-tests into your learning programs so you can see where employees are falling short. With the results, you can create activities and lessons that touch on these issues.

2. It gives employees room to grow

A surefire way to lose team morale is to allow your workforce to stagnate. Instead, you want to help them constantly grow both in a personal capacity and in a professional way.

Mobile learning is ideal for this, as you can implement a variety of different trainings that will help your employees become knowledgeable in different areas, and provide them with insights to improve their skills.

Teams that are constantly improving and learning are teams that are happy. Learning new systems and skills means they can apply them to their jobs which, in turn, helps move your business forward.

How to give employees room to grow with mobile learning: mobile learning is great because you can personalize it in any way you like. Create pathways that your employees can move through depending on their skillsets and experience, and give them the chance to take lessons in different areas.

3. It gives employees a reason to believe in themselves

When employees are constantly learning and improving their skills, they are more likely to believe in themselves – and a confident workforce is a happy workforce.

By providing personalized and interactive online trainings, you’re showing your employees that you believe in them, which is the quickest way for them to start believing in themselves.

This kind of goes hand in hand with the idea that a stagnant team is an unproductive one.

Think about it: when we learn new skills and can add new knowledge to our repertoires, our opinions of ourselves instantly improve. Arming your employees with new information that they can apply to their jobs will instantly give them a morale boost.

How to help employees believe in themselves with mobile learning: keep lessons short and to the point, so employees don’t feel overwhelmed. Bite-sized lessons are easy to take in, and give your team the quick boost they need to believe in themselves and the work they’re doing.

4. It shows you’re invested in your employees

Not only does mobile learning help your employees believe in themselves, but it also shows that you’re invested in them. Improving their skillsets and knowledge shows you’re supporting them on their journey and actively want them to succeed.

This will lead to a boost in team morale, as they will want to improve to show you that your support was well-founded.

How to show you’re invested with mobile learning: listen to your employees’ feedback from trainings and implement their advice. Ask them for feedback and create lessons that are adapted to their wants and needs.

5. It’s interactive and social

Nothing promotes teamwork like a sociable atmosphere. Mobile learning can be very social in its nature, thanks to the ability to create forums, live training sessions, and Q&A segments.

Creating a learning experience that is interactive shows employees that they are in control of their learning and that they are part of a team. This is a quick way to boost team morale – your employees will instantly feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves, which will encourage them to hit personal goals as well as company goals.

How to make your training programs interactive and social: add interactive elements like quizzes, forums, and Q&A sessions where employees are encouraged to offer their input and feedback.

6. It encourages individual employee strengths

Because mobile learning is so interactive, it caters specifically to the individual strengths of your employees. When your team feel like their personal wants and needs are being looked after, morale will instantly lift (because, as humans, we like to feel like we’re being looked after).

You can also touch on specific individual skills, where you can help certain employees grow in different ways. Not only will this encourage your team to focus on their personal strengths, but you can essentially customize your team so it best suits the needs of your business.

How to encourage individual strengths with mobile learning: create lessons in a variety of different mediums. People learn in different ways, so what works for one person might not work for another. Making sure your training is interactive and requires input from your employees will help personalize it to their specific needs.

7. It lets your employees take control

When your team feels like it’s in control and has a say in the business, you’re likely to see a boost in morale. As mentioned earlier, feeling a part of something is a huge confidence boost and knowing that they have an input and a voice will encourage your employees to work together collaboratively towards personal and company goals.

Mobile learning allows your employees to take control of their training by supplying them with fresh information and the opportunity to learn new skills in a way that’s catered specifically to them.

How to let employees take control with mobile learning: create lessons that are actionable, so that employees can immediately put their learnings to good use.

Boost Team Morale With Mobile Learning

As you can see, mobile learning is one of the quickest ways to give your team a morale boost. As well as creating a more productive workplace by providing essential training, it also:

  • Gives your employees clear results they can work from
  • Gives your team room to grow in a way that suits them
  • Encourages your employees to believe in themselves and the work they do
  • Shows you’re invested in your employees and their future
  • It offers an interactive and social aspect to learning which encourages team work
  • It encourages your employees to tap into their personal strengths
  • It lets your employees take control of their learning

Boost your team’s morale today by creating a training course with Mapout that will increase productivity and encourage a happy, confident workforce.

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