The Key to Using Video Courses to Successfully Nurture Leads

Written by
Lizzie Davey
Aug 24, 2016

Last week we talked about how you can use video courses to generate leads. That is, to draw people into your brand and get them to become a part of your community.

Today, I want to dig a bit deeper and show you how you can use video courses to nurture those leads.

Let’s briefly look at the process a new subscriber goes through from when they first “touch” your brand:

Stranger > Lead > Nurtured Lead > Customer

This is obviously a very vague outline, but you can see that there are specific funnels that guide the subscriber towards becoming a customer.

At the “stranger” stage, the subscriber doesn’t know who you are… yet. They might know they have a problem, and they might stumble across your website that, lo and behold, provides a solution to that problem.

So they hand over their email address in order to get some free content from you. This makes them a lead.

Once they’ve got their free content, you don’t want their email to sit in your email provider getting dusty. Oh no. You want to nurture them so eventually they’ll become a customer.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today: the nurturing process.

This is perhaps the hardest part of the lead generation process, because the opportunities are endless here. How you nurture your subscribers might be completely different to how someone nurtures theirs. But you both have the same end goal: to turn the subscriber into a customer.

To do that? You need to connect.

You need to continue answering their questions and providing them with much-needed solutions to their problems.

Why Is Lead Nurturing So Important?

  • So subscribers trust you. People buy from people who they trust. In the nurturing process, you need to show subscribers that they can trust you.
  • To become an expert. Do you think someone will buy from you if you don’t know what you’re talking about? Absolutely not! In the lead nurturing process, you need to exert your expertise and showcase your knowledge base.
  • To create a sense of belonging. People like to feel like they belong, whether that’s in a local community or part of something bigger. Part of the nurturing process is showing subscribers that they’re not alone.

And guess what? There is one simple medium that will allow you to do all of this in the lead nurturing process.

And that medium is video.

Yes, video can simultaneously showcase your expertise in your industry, engage your subscribers so they feel like a part of something, and build trust between you and them. It’s a very powerful medium, is video.

Here’s how you can implement it successfully in your nurturing process.

How to Use Video in Your Lead Nurturing Process

Build Trust

Building trust should be your number one aim when it comes to nurturing your leads. You want to be the go-to brand that your subscriber thinks of when they have a problem related to your industry.

You want them to trust you enough to buy your products or services time and time again, and you want them to trust you enough to shout about your company from the rooftops (because, let’s face it, word-of-mouth referrals are absolutely the best, even in the digital age).

You can build trust with videos by:

  • Handling Objections

Before we buy anything, there are always a few questions we have milling around in our heads.

Maybe we’re skeptical about whether the cost is worth it, maybe we’re wondering whether it will really work for us, or maybe we just don’t have enough information to make an informed decision.

You can counteract these objections by creating short videos that touch on them. For example, you can create a mini-video that tackles whether the price is worth it, going into detail about how your subscribers' lives will change after they’ve bought your product or service.

By tapping into the questions they have, you’re being transparent and authentic, and you’re making your subscribers feel like you really know them.

  • Be Consistent

Being consistent is key to creating a trusting environment between you and your subscribers. This means showing up regularly, providing them with consistently good information, and strongly sticking to your brand.

One of the best ways you can do this? Video courses!

Each lesson creates another “touch point” with your audience and consistently proves that you know what you’re talking about.

Create a Sense of Belonging

As I mentioned earlier, people love feeling like part of a community. By implementing video courses into your lead nurturing process, you’re digitally putting yourself face-to-face with your subscribers and creating a sense of community around your product or service.

You can dig deeper into building a community with video by:

  • Providing subscribers with easy access

Make your subscribers feel like they’re part of your community all of the time, not just when they’re on your website or reading an email of yours. By giving them easy access to video courses from their mobile devices, they can tap into your community on the go and continue to build connections with your brand wherever they are.

  • Engaging with leads

Engagement is key in nurturing your subscribers. According to Forrester Research, one minute of video is worth the same as 1.8 million words. That’s a heck of a lot of words. It’s no wonder, then, that video is more engaging.

And, with video courses, you can engage your subscribers regularly and consistently, building that trust and a sense of belonging with every new lesson.

Become an Expert

Being seen as an expert is so important for turning qualified leads into sales. These are the people who trust what you have to say and will hang off your every word – because you know what you’re talking about and you know how to help them solve their problems.

You can show you’re an expert with video courses by:

  • Educating your subscribers

Education is a huge part of showing you’re an expert. Teaching your subscribers how to do certain things and providing tutorials solidifies that you’re the brand to help them.

Video courses are the perfect tool for subscriber education, because they allow you to drip-feed tutorials, guides, and personal experiences to your audience on a regular basis.

  • Creating product videos

Let’s hop back to the objections subscribers might have about buying from you. We touched on how you can tap into their worries by creating video courses about their objections, but you can take that one step further and create a series of videos about your product or service.

Within these, you can dive into the benefits of the product and why it will help your subscribers with their main struggles. Knowing what it is your subscribers struggle with and providing a solution to those problems instantly turns you into an expert in their eyes and makes them more likely to buy from you.

Video courses can be a hugely important part of the lead nurturing process as I’ve outlined above. Remember the key things you need to do to turn leads into customers are:

  • Build trust with your subscribers
  • Make your subscribers feel like they are a part of a community and that they’re not alone in their worries
  • Show you’re an expert. Show you understand what it is your subscribers struggle with and show you know how to help them

Ready to turn leads into sales? Mapout can help you create video courses that build trust, create community, and help solidify you as an expert in your field.

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