How Video Helps Double Your Leads (and Why It’s So Important)

Written by
Lizzie Davey
Sep 27, 2016

By now, you know that video marketing is becoming a top advertising tool in an age where the internet is overcrowded with content options.

Consumer attention spans are getting smaller by the day but, according to Forrester, a one-minute video is worth millions of words.

Sure, this is worked out using the old “a picture is worth a thousand words” mantra, with a typical video shooting at 30 frames (or “pictures”) a second, but it’s easy to see how powerful this medium is.

The best part? Video works well at all stages of the funnel, whether you’re looking to build awareness of your brand, get more sales, or nurture your audience once they’ve already bought from you.

The part you’re probably most interested in is getting more leads, right? So that’s what we’re going to talk about today – how you can leverage video to get more leads.

1. It draws people in

The first step in attracting new leads is to make consumers sit up and take notice of your business. If they simply move on to the next brand (a.k.a. your competitor) because you’re not drawing them in, you’re going to miss out on a lot of potential subscribers and customers.

But it’s not just a case of whacking a video up in the depths of your site and hoping people come across it. Instead, you really want to think about where you’re placing it and how you’re going to get people to watch it.

60% of visitors will watch a video before they read any text on a page, so you want to get your video in front of as many people as possible.

Make it work for you: Create a short explainer video that shows visitors the benefits of your product or, alternatively, shoot a short video introducing them to your brand to create a deeper initial connection.

2. Video engages people

Engagement is so important when attention spans are so short (remember how I said earlier that attention spans are getting shorter by the day – apparently they’re around 8 seconds now, which is shorter than a goldfish).

Where text might encourage visitors to gloss over certain parts, video keeps their attention for up to five minutes (as opposed to 40 seconds like a page of text).

This gives you ample time to convince consumers you have the solution to their problems.

Make it work for you: Keep your videos short and to the point to align with those short attention spans, but also make them fun. It’s no good having a video on your homepage if it’s dull, boring, and long – that’ll put people off even more than a long page of text.

3. Video creates an experience

As humans, we love stories and we love feeling like we’re a part of something, which video really taps into.

It gives us the chance to feel like we’re experiencing something, rather than just reading something, which in turn helps us build trust and connection with the video provider (a.k.a. you!).

Think about how many websites you visit in a day – it’s probably a lot, right? Now think about the ones you remember. I’m willing to bet good money that it’s the ones that feel “welcoming”, that understand you and your needs, and that provide you with a solid journey to move forward through the solve your problems.

Video helps cement this “journey” that website visitors go on and gives them the human interaction they crave in this digital age – kind of like talking to someone in a bar, or having someone explain directions to us in person.

Make it work for you: Think about the experience you want your visitors to have on your site. You want them to feel welcomed and like they are starting a “journey”. Now consider how a video could play into that – could you welcome them to the “journey” with a video? Could you show them the next steps via an explainer video?

4. Video builds trust

I’ve spoken a lot about how much we thrive on real human interaction rather than a few sentences typed out on a page. Despite our love of the internet, we crave person-to-person conversation and to build connections with others, which is why video is so successful.

People buy from people, not brands, and videos give you the chance to share the human element behind your business. Showing visitors that you’re a real person who “gets” them is invaluable in any business, and lets people know you’ve got their back and are willing to go out of your way to help them.

Make it work for you: Instead of focusing on selling, focus on building connections with your visitors. Think about why they should be a part of your brand and how your products and services will benefit them and make their lives easier. Put all of this into your video and, remember, be human.

Remember there’s a human at the other end of your video watching you, so have a conversation with them just like you would in real life.

Video is great for a whole host of reasons, hence why it’s rocketed in popularity over the past few years. It taps into our need to have human connections in a world that’s increasingly taking itself online.

Through that, it builds trust between your visitors and your brand, engages people, and creates an experience that leads visitors to sign up and purchase.

By simply placing a video on your homepage, you can increase your leads tenfold (just look at Rypple who increased their conversions by 20% by adding a simple video to their site).

Are you ready to draw more people in and get more leads? Mapout can help you get started.

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