6 Ways You Can Share Your Customer Success Stories With Video

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Lizzie Davey
Oct 26, 2016

Customer success stories are an important part of your business. They might seem like an afterthought because, well, your main aim is to get those sales in the first place, but they can help you grow your business pretty much on autopilot.

Sharing your customer success stories with potential buyers and leads will help build trust and boost sales.

How? Because people trust other people. Word of mouth marketing is still one of the most valuable forms of marketing, and by showing new customers the amazing results your previous customers have had will cement and build trust – the key to any successful business.

What Makes a Good Customer Success Story?

You’ve probably seen sales pages peppered with testimonials before, maybe a video or two from previous customers who are sharing their experience, right?

These are all examples of companies sharing their customer success stories, but how can you make sure you’re doing it right? That the stories you’re sharing will actually work?

1. Show a transformation

The easiest way to show potential customers that your product or service works is to show them a transformation.

Highlight how a previous customer struggled beforehand and what they wanted to achieve but couldn’t. Then share what their lives or businesses looked like after – your product or service here is the “transformation”.

2. Show specific numbers

People like specific numbers because they visually show how successful something was.

Use percentages to show how much your previous customers’ business increased with the help of your product, or share the number of hours your product helped save them.

3. Share the process

As humans, we liked stories, and sharing a process is kind of like sharing a story. We like to be taken step-by-step through things in order to see how everything was put together and how the end result came to be.

You can create a customer success story that walks a new lead through the process a previous buyer went through from start to finish – how did they use your product to succeed? How did they put it into place to see the results they did?

How to Share Customer Success Stories with Video

We’ve spoken many times about how video is the perfect medium for building connections and trust, which makes it the ideal way to share your customer success stories.

Think about it: you’re more likely to sit up and take notice of someone speaking to the camera about how their business and life changed with the help of a product than by simply reading it on a page of copy, right?

So let’s dig into the ways you can present your customer success stories via video.

1. Create short testimonial clips

Testimonials are incredibly powerful. They are what show new leads your products are worth it because, if they’ve helped someone else? Surely they can help them, too.

Recorded testimonials are much more powerful than written testimonials as well, simply because we feel like we’re speaking directly to a friend who is giving us a recommendation.

Make it work for you: create a selection of short testimonial clips that you can use on social media, just like Salesforce did with their Pinterest page.

2. Create case study videos

We spoke earlier about showing the transformation a customer has gone through by using your product, and this is a great way to document a success story.

Make it work for you: use numbers and specific results to really delve into the success your customer has seen, and show new leads how they can do the same. These types of video are great on a sales page or a landing page for that extra push.

3. Create a video course

Video courses are an incredible technique for building trust and creating a community of loyal fans because they are regular points of contact that solidify you as an expert and introduce new leads to your products and knowledge.

Make it work for you: you can easily create a video course that shows how new leads can use your products, highlighting customer success stories from previous buyers at each step of the journey.

For example, one video in your series might show potential customers how to set up your product for success, and then delve into how a previous customer did the same and saw awesome results.

4. Share success stories on your homepage

Pages with videos on are more likely to convert than pages that don’t, especially if the video shows someone promoting the great work you do.

Never underestimate the power of a previous customer recommending you to a new one.

Make it work for you: add a short, simple customer success story video (whether it’s an animation with visual results, or a simple head-to-camera piece explaining how your product has helped) to your homepage to increase the time new leads spend on the page and to boost your conversion rates.

5. Film an interview

Before we buy things, we usually like to get a few reviews from around the web. We like to know what we’re buying into and how it’s going to help us solve our pain points and move forwards.

Sharing an interview with a previous customer that digs into their pain points beforehand and how your product helped them overcome that is invaluable.

Make it work for you: ask open questions to unveil the reason why your previous customer decided to buy your product in particular, and the exact steps they took with it to see success. Seeing them interact with you will again build trust and cement your expertise.

6. Host a live training

Live training is all the rage at the moment. You’ll see webinars, live workshops, and tools like Facebook Live popping up all over the shop – and there’s a reason for that.

Interacting with people in real-time is probably the most authentic thing you can do online. It builds trust and helps people get to know you in person.

Make it work for you: host a webinar or a simple Facebook Live session that shares a success story in the moment. The great thing about this kind of video is it’s raw, so answer questions as you go and interact with the people who are watching live.

As you can see, customer success stories can form an important part of the sales process, whether you want to show new leads your expertise right away, or whether you want to give potential customers that extra push they need to get down off the fence.

Think about how you want to utilise customer success stories in your business, and start looking into the variety of ways video can help.

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